December 9, 2023


Magic: The Gathering (MTG) is a popular collectible card game that has captivated players worldwide for decades. One of the most iconic and intriguing color combinations in MTG is Rakdos, representing black and red mana. However, within the competitive Modern format, there have been whispers and allegations of a potential “Rakdos scam.” In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding the alleged Rakdos scam in Modern MTG, examining the evidence and player experiences to shed light on whether this fearsome archetype is indeed a deceptive trap or a legitimate competitive strategy.

Understanding the Rakdos Archetype

The Rakdos archetype in MTG revolves around aggressive and chaotic gameplay. Combining the destructive power of black with the fiery aggression of red, Rakdos decks often seek to overwhelm opponents through quick creature assaults and powerful direct damage spells. This strategy has found a dedicated fan base due to its thrilling gameplay and striking aesthetic.

Allegations of the Rakdos Scam

Despite the fierce reputation of Rakdos decks in Modern MTG, some players have voiced concerns about the viability of the archetype in competitive play. These allegations have led to discussions about whether Rakdos is a legitimate choice or a “scam” that misleads players into believing it can compete at the highest level.

  1. Limited Meta Adaptability:

One of the primary concerns with Rakdos in Modern is its limited ability to adapt to the ever-changing metagame. Modern MTG is a dynamic format, with new decks and strategies emerging regularly. Some players argue that Rakdos decks lack the versatility and flexibility to consistently perform well against diverse and innovative opponents.

  1. Vulnerability to Hate Cards:

Rakdos decks often rely on creature aggression and direct damage spells. However, the Modern format is known for its numerous “hate” cards that can specifically target and disrupt creature-based strategies. This vulnerability to hate cards can leave Rakdos decks struggling to maintain a competitive edge against opponents prepared for the matchup.

  1. Lack of Consistency:

Another concern expressed by players is the perceived lack of consistency in Rakdos decks. The reliance on aggressive creatures and fast-paced spells can lead to hands with insufficient mana sources or the inability to assemble a cohesive game plan. This inconsistency can result in frustrating gameplay experiences for Rakdos enthusiasts.

  1. Limited Card Pool:

Compared to other MTG color combinations, Rakdos has a relatively limited card pool in Modern. Some players argue that this restricted pool restricts the archetype’s ability to access powerful and efficient cards available to other color combinations, hindering its competitiveness.

Player Perspectives

Opinions on the Rakdos archetype in Modern MTG are diverse and subjective. While some players view Rakdos as a fun and viable option for competitive play, others express reservations and choose alternative strategies with more consistent results.

Defenders of Rakdos argue that while the archetype may have inherent weaknesses, skilled players can still achieve success through tight play, strategic sideboarding, and careful deckbuilding. They emphasize that MTG is a game of skill, and a player’s ability to pilot a deck effectively can often make the difference in competitive matches.


The alleged Rakdos scam in Modern MTG is a topic that has sparked lively debates within the player community. While some players are passionate advocates of the aggressive and chaotic Rakdos archetype, others raise valid concerns about its limited adaptability, vulnerability to hate cards, and perceived lack of consistency.

In the end, determining whether Rakdos is a scam or a legitimate competitive choice depends on individual playstyle preferences, metagame considerations, and player skill. As with any archetype in MTG, success in Modern relies on a combination of strategic deckbuilding, metagame analysis, and proficient piloting.

The beauty of Magic: The Gathering lies in its diversity, offering players a multitude of archetypes to explore and master. Whether one chooses to embrace the ruthless charm of Rakdos or explore the vast possibilities of other color combinations, the MTG community remains united in its love for the game and the joy of competition.

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